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Engineering and Supply Chain

As part of the normal product life management, electronics companies such systems PLM users who organizes and centers the information about the product in one place.
In addition, this information is also used NPI process that is designed to get proper product quality.

We have created solutions for:

- Engineering and Supply Chain systems to process: 
Enterprise Resource Planning (Kulmos ERP),
  Product Lifecycle Management (Proventus PLM),
  File Management (such as CAD Manager),
  Collection and use of knowledge in manufaturing production floor level (PKM)
- Complementary tools (such as MView, MView 3D, PrView) which help in the production of mechanical and NPI processes

Engineering and Supply Chain Systems

Proventus PLM

Proventus PLM is the easiest way to manage product documentation in one place: 

  • Product File Management

  • Revision and Designation Management


  • AVL Management 

  • Design wizards and tools

  • Component Eng. support

  • PrView and MView integretion

Also, it includes:

  • "Where Used"

  • Product tree expansion

Proventus PLM integrates seamlessly with Kulmos ERP (ERP of the parent company) and etc.

Product Knowledge Management (PKM)

P.K.M is designed to solve issue of the undocumented shopfloor information. It is a Web based system that enables OEM manufactures to manage the process sheet and exposes required information (Know How) to end users while maintaining tight control over its distribution. It also enforces a structured procedure for adding information to the process sheet.P.K.M does not replace the PDM/PLM, but rather complements it and with much needed functionalities.

Engineering and Supply Chain Systems

Complementary Tools (For PLM & NPI)


MView addresses the challenge of accessing, reviewing and collaborating on technical documents, in a secure and reliable manner without compromising security or accuracy.

MView 3D

MView 3D addresses the challenge of accessing, reviewing and collaborating on technical documents (2D & 3D), in a secure and reliable manner without compromising security or accuracy.


PrView is built using the latest programming tools (Microsoft .Net C#) and graphical techniques (OpenGL), PrView provides a rich set of functions for data integration:

  • Locating components, nets etc on the PDF scheme by name and pin. 

  • Select items on the PDF scheme and locate the corresponding item on the PCB CAD with a single click. 

  • Display of all IC data including components, nets, vias, test points etc. 

  • Zooming, panning etc at a very high speed 

  • Search for components, nets etc by name and pin 

  • Calculate and highlight net trace through all layers, including all components connected to specified net. 

  • Highlight 2 (or more) net traces to assist in shorts investigation.

  • Display PDF electronic schema - linked by component or net.

Complementary Tools (For PLM and NPI)
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