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MView & MView 3D

PDF mechanical design collaborating PLM data

Protect intellectual property by allowing users to access, view, and interrogate files without releasing the actual document and its proprietary data

Do you need to transfer engineering information using PDF to your subcontractor?
Do you need to spread engineering information to shop floor using PDF?



MView (as well as MView 3D) address the challenge of accessing, reviewing and collaborating on technical documents, in a secure and reliable manner without compromising security or accuracy.


Improved team productivity (based on Searchable and Unsearchable Regular PDF):

Figure 1. Before Click

Figure 2. After Click

MView uses OCR technology for recognition of text in unsearchable regular PDF.

MView 3D
MView 3D supports same files as MView (Searchable and Unsearchable Regular PDF) and 3D PDF format:

Figure 3. After Click on 3D-PDF

Figure 4. After Click on Unsearchable PDF

MView Export
MView Export generates PDF (Searchable / 3D-PDF) including BOM data based on two inputs: Searchable PDF / 3D-PDF and BOM data.
It can be used as a batch or as part of MView or MView 3D.


  • Protect intellectual property

  • Using free tools such as Acrobat Reader

  • Easy to use

  • Only needed information and no more

Business benefits

  • No information leakage

  • Lower production costs

  • Higher productivity

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