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1. What are the minimum system requirements for installing software?

You need a standard PC with:

            CPU: minimum Pentium 4 1.6GHz or equivalent

            Memory: minimum 512MB

            Display Adapter: ON Board with minimum 128MB

            Disk space:

                        a. RStation – minimum 1GB

                        b. Other – minimum 512MB

            OS (includes x86/x64):

                       Windows 2000 Pro / Server

                       Windows XP Pro 

                       Windows 2003 

                       Windows 7 

                       Windows 2008

                       Windows 2008 R2

                       Windows 8/8.1 Home / Pro / Enterprise
                       Windows 10 Home / Pro
                       Windows 2012

2. What do I need to prepare for using the software?

QPlace / QPlace Pro:              

  • Insertion/CAD file

  • BOM file

  • Connection to Line Computer (SMT Machine Database/Files)

QPlace UPD:     

  • BOM file

  • Connection to Line Computer (SMT Machine Database/Files)


  • Insertion/CAD file

  • BOM file

  • Connection to Line Computer (SMT Machine Database/Files)


  • CAD file

  • BOM file (Optional)

RStation/RStation Pro:    

  • CAD file

  • BOM file (Optional)

  • Schema file in searchable PDF (Optional)


  • CAD file

  • Fails list file

  • BOM file (Optional)


  • CAD file / Gerber (D/X) / DXF

  • BOM file (Optional, with CAD)

  • Schema file in searchable PDF (Optional, with CAD)


  • Searchable/Unsearchable PDF

  • BOM file

MView 3D:

  • Searchable/Unsearchable PDF(2D)/3D-PDF

  • BOM file


Feel free to contact us for more information.

3. What CAD format is supported?

  • Mentor Graphics – Neutral File (Neutral/Neut as a part of name or ext. neu/net) and Trace File (Trace/Trc as part of name or ext. trace/trc).

  • PCAD – PDIF format (ext. PDF, PDIF)

  • Cadence – preparation file for fabmaster in ASCII (ext. FAB,CAD,SPE,VAL, etc.)

  • Veribest/Mentor Expedition – Layout.hkp and PadStack.hkp. They can be zipped.

  • Fabmaster – Formats: FAB, FATF, FAR, FAZ, FAT, FARC

  • Gencad – ASCII format (ext. CAD, PCB, GND, GCD, GENCAD)

  • Cadence Allegro –
      BRI format (ASCII, ext. BRI, CAD, FAB, VAL, SPE etc.)  
      BRD format (Binary, ext. BRD, rev. 13.x,14.x,15.x,16.x)

  • Valor - ODB++ format or ODB++(X) format (ext. GZ, TGZ, ZIP)

  • ACCEL, TANGO – ASCII format (ext. CAD, PCB)

  • PADS POWERPCB – ASCII format (ext. ASC, CAD)

  • Zuken CADStar - PAF format (ext. PAF)

  • Protel - ASCII Format (ext. PCB, CAD)

  • Siemens Unicam PDW - ASCII Format (ext. PDW)

  • IPC-D-356/IPC-DX-356 (ext. IPC, NET, TXT)

  • Gerber - Formats: Gerber274D, Gerber274X. (For PrView)

  • DXF - DXF Format (For PrView)

4. What BOM format are supported?

QPlace/QPlace UPD/QPlan: 
   Excel (ext. XLS, Microsoft Excel 97- Excel 2003 & 5.0/95 Workbook) 
   Excel (ext. XLSX, Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 Workbook) 
   Text file
   Excel (Microsoft Excel 97- Excel 2003 & 5.0/95 Workbook)
   Excel (ext. XLSX, Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 Workbook)

Any special BOM format based on Excel, CSV or Text can be applied as a custom filter to all our products. Also, we can bring BOM information, using custom filter, from WebServices, API or directly from DataBase.   

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