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Analyzing the data

Quality, Flow and Production

Proventus MES - top to bottom failures analysis


Our MES solution includes different modules for pass and failure collection (DCollector), production process and WIP (as a part of DCollector), troubleshooting and repair station (RStation), history analysis (such as TopoQC, FTA) and reports (such as DCollector, FTA).
The system has the ability to connect AOI and ATE machines, and ERP and PLM systems.

The AOI and ATE data is automatically retrieved by the MES database.


"Complete information is nesserary for full analysis."

DCollector is a data collection tool designed specifically for the electronic production industry and for the VMI process. Its main purpose is to allow efficient collection of defect data while increasing data accuracy and quality.


RStation supports most leading CAD formats including Mentor, Veribest, Cadence, PCAD, Fabmaster, ODB++ and more as a built in feature with no extra cost.

This is of particular importance for companies performing several types of tests (ICT, Flying probe, boundary scan). Using RStation such companies can use standard CAD files for IC troubleshooting, without having to invest in additional costly viewers or converters for each tester.


TopoQC maps defect data to the PCBs components creating a color-coded, thermal-like, map of defects on the PCBs geography.


FTA collects information from different Functional Test Equipment (FTE) that created by different people using different frameworks on different systems.
FTA provides dynamic screens, called queries, to analyse information on different levels including Table and Chart presentation of information. Also, each screen can be exported into Excel or PDF, or printed directly to printer.
FTA allows to generate reports including report generator and template saving of reports for reusing.

Functional Test Analysis (FTA)

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