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Cost effective repair station software

for PCB failure analysis


Detect the real cause from a symptom

Existing repair station software tools for post electrical test troubleshooting are either insufficient or very expensive. Proventus' RStation is a highly sophisticated repair station tool that provides rich functionality while maintaining cost effectiveness and high value for money.

Proventus RStation

Built using latest programming tools (Microsoft .Net C#) and graphical techniques (OpenGL), RStation provides a rich
set of functions for IC trouble shooting:

  • Display of all IC data including components, nets, vias, test points etc.

  • Zooming  panning etc. at a very high speed

  • Search for components, nets etc. by name and pin

  • Calculate and highlight net trace through all layers, including all components connected to specified net

  • Highlight 2 (and more) net traces to assist in investigation of short circuits

  • Defect/Repair data entry directly from RSation (point and click) into shop floor management databases

  • Display of electronic scheme

  • Display of catalog numbers according to BOM file.


PCB Design



RStation helps to find a real defect(s) by PCB and Schema View combined with BOM on Single screen (concept: all you need is on the screen).

CAD Format Support

Proventus RStation supports most leading CAD formats including Mentor, Veribest, Cadence, PCAD, Fabmaster, ODB++, CADStar, Altium, PADs and other as a built-in feature with no extra cost.

This is of particular importance for companies performing several types of tests (ICT, Flying probe, boundary scan). Using RStation such companies can use standard CAD files for IC troubleshooting, without having to invest in additional costly viewers or converters for each tester.

Figure 1 shows a standard view of the PCB with components and top layer nets.

Figure 3 shows the list of components connected to the specified net. Note the "Jump To" and "Zoom In" commands available on right click.

Figure 2 shows the trace of a selected net. Note that the components connected to the net are highlighted in blue/red, and that the net trace itself is colored in different colors (yellow/brown etc) for different layers.

Figure 4 shows a BGA in zoom of 800/1. Note the component information pop-up available on clicking the object.


Proventus RStation demonstrates high performance and rich functionality coupled with wide CAD format support required for productive IC troubleshooting.

Business benefits

With a very competitive price compared to existing repair station viewers, RStation is the ultimate tool for post electrical test repair and troubleshooting.

CD Drive

Download a Trial Version

To download a 30 day trial without any registration click here:

If you want to purchase the tool, ask questions or contact any topic, you are invited to it in one of the following ways:

  • To contact us through chat including your contacts 

  • To fill a Contact Us form on the website

  • To send an email:

  • To send message through Skype (Proventus99)

Prerequisites for running the tool:

  • Standard PC

  • Operation system: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or newer

  • Memory: 4 GB or more

  • Disk Space: 2 GB

  • Installed environment:

    • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.2 or newer

  • Permissions: Power User or Administrator to PC




Additionally, this tool can be run:

  • on physical PC or on the cloud

  • on Windows Server (2012 R2 or newer)


Download a trial version of RStation
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