Engineering and Supply Chain

P roduction C ontrol S ystem

PCS is a complete solution for electronic and mechanic production based on Industry 4.0 concept (including Smart Factory).
This solution is constructed as a modular structure that each module can run
as part of a large system or separately and autonomously. Also, it supports the IPC-CFX standard.

From our experience, many companies (EMS/CMS, OEM etc.) are successfully operating systems (such as ERP, QMS etc.) and tools (such as interfaces for SMT machines, FT etc.), and they do not want to replace them. Therefore, our perception is that our product will also be able to integrate or run side by side with existing systems.


Modular (like a lego)


Quick to implementation


Integrates and doesnיt have to replace



SMT is one of the main stages in the process of electronic manufacturing.
Our tools includes planning & monitoring systems (such as Dashboard, QLine), SMT tooling solutions (such as QPlan, QPlace, QPlace UPD), preparation and processing tools as printed and electronic (such as Setup Center, eMethodSheet) and quality solutions (such as SMT SPET, ASD).


Quality, Flow and Production

Today, every electronics company draws create a product without a hitch. To achieve this electronics companies must collect and study the history of failures at each stage of production and repair of the product.
We developed a solution, called Proventus MES that is covering the production process End to End. It is easy to use and integrated to ERP and PDM. Also, MES has interface to AOI and ATE.
Our MES solution includes different modules for pass and failures collection (DCollector), production process and WIP (as a part of DCollector), troubleshooting and repair station (RStation), history analysing (such as TopoQC, FTA) and reports (such as DCollector, FTA).


Engineering and Supply Chain

As part of the normal product life management, electronics companies such systems PLM users who organizes and centers the information about the product in one place.
In addition, this information is also used NPI process that is designed to get proper product quality.
We have created tools to process
Enterprise Resource Planning (Kulmos ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (Proventus PLM), file management (such as CAD Manager), collection and use of knowledge in manufaturing production floor level (PKM), complementary tools (such as MView, MView 3D, PrView) which help in the production of mechanical and NPI processes.