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Proventus PLM

Powerful Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System

Manages documentation of your product life cycle in one place

Is your engineering data managed to your satisfaction including graphical information?

PLM & Engineering

Proventus PLM provides an answer of central management for all product data and includes the following modules:

  • Product File Management

  • Revision and Designation Management


  • AVL Management

  • Design wizards and tools

  • Component Eng. support

  • PrView

It also provides the following tools: “Where Used” and Product tree expansion.

Product File Management

  • Archive Management of Product Documents, including drawings, assembly instructions, testing instructions, etc.

  • Documents are managed per revision per product.

AVL Management

Management approved list of components to assembly (same component produced by several manufacturers)


PrView is designed to provide easy GUI for PCB view and analysis with electronic schema:

  • View of PCB design based on common CAD formats

  • View of all layers, pads, nets, vias, components etc

  • Search for components nets pins etc

  • Trace nets leading to/from selected nodes in one or multiple layers

  • Highlight all components connected to specified net

  • Link in bi-direction to PCBs electronic schema (PDF) 

  • View Gerber and DXF formats

Revision and Designation Management

  • Status Management per Revision (freeze, plan, release to obtain provisions, release to production)

  • Full examination to any Reference Designation that prevents its duplicate and non - compliance of quantity.

  • Reference Designation is integrated part of BOM

Design wizards and tools

Updating BOM through Reference Designation

"Where Used"



  • Eng. Change Analysis

  • Workflow for ECN/ECO review and approval

  • Calculating the cost of materials change

  • ECO Email distribution

Support Component Eng.

Helps locate components based on their attributes to component engineers

Product tree explosion



  • Central Product Data Management


  • AVL Management

  • Component Eng.

  • Tools

  • "Where Used"

Business benefits

  • No information lost

  • Lower production costs

  • Higher productivity

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