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Sophisticated viewer for NPI use

View any ECAD, Gerber or DXF

Do you have different ECAD files and you do not which views to use in order to view them?
PrView is the answer.
PrView software for integrated circuit uses linked views of schematic PDF, any PCB CAD and BOM files. PrView can also open Gerber and DXF files.

Sophisticated viewer for NPI use

Competitively prices, PrView is designed to provide an easy GUI for PCB viewing and analysis via electronic schema :

  • View of PCB design based on common CAD formats

  • View of all layers, pads, nets, vias, components etc.

  • Search for components nets pins etc.

  • Trace nets leading to/from selected nodes in one or multiple layers

  • Highlight all components connected to specified net

  • Link in bi-direction to PCBs electronic schema (PDF)

  • View Gerber and DXF formats.


Built using latest programming tools (Microsoft .Net C#) and graphical techniques (OpenGL), PrView provides a rich set of functions for data integration:

  • Locate components, nets etc. on the PDF scheme by name and pin

  • Select items on the PDF scheme and locate the corresponding item on the PCB cad with a single click

  • Display of all IC data including components, nets, vias, test points etc. 

  • Zooming, panning etc. at a very high speed 

  • Search for components, nets etc. by name and pin 

  • Calculate and highlight net trace throughout all layers, including all components connected to specified net

  • Highlight 2 (or more) net traces to assist in shorts investigation

  • Display PDF electronic schema - linked by component or net

CAD Format Support

Proventus PrView supports most leading CAD formats including Mentor (Neutral/Expedition), Veribest, PADS, Cadence Allegro (ASCII/Binary), PCAD (PDIF), GENCAD, ODB++, ACCEL/TANGO, Zucken CADStar, IPC-D-356, Fabmaster and others as built in features with no addinional cost.

Proventus PrView can view Gerber and DXF.

This is of particular importance for EMS companies that can use standard CAD files without having to invest in additional costly viewers or converters.

Figure 1. PCB and Schema View

BOM File Import

Proventus PrView supports synchronizing BOM and CAD files using catalog numbers. This feature enables the user to have an accurate view of the manufactured PCB reflecting the latest ECOs for the specific option or variation of the PCB.


  • Proventus PrView demonstrates high performance and rich functionality together with wide CAD format, Gerber and DXF support.

  • Proventus PrView Supports a wide range of BOM structures

Business benefits

  • Competitively priced in comparison toexisting tools

  • Helps to analyze PCB structure for production price 

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