Same tool - Different purposes
Same tool - Different purposes
Same tool - Different purposes
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Related software tools
Related software tools
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As a fact, you waste time on NPI loop:

  • SMT Machine Time - is very expensive

  • SMT Programmer Time

  • First Article Inspection (FAI) Time

Also, you waste materials and SMT components.

QPlan reduces considerably those times and eliminates waste of materials and SMT components.


First Article - First Time

Reduce NPI loop time and eliminate errors

QPlan provides a simple and easy-to-use solution for the tooling process. Customers using QPlan report that tooling errors are reduced drastically and in many cases eliminated completely. They also report that tooling time is reduced from hours to less than 30 minutes and even less, depending on PCB complexity. Additionally, the number of FAI cycles is dramatically decreased. Other reported benefits of using QPlan are savings in material costs and decreased turnaround time for models.
QPlan enables quick tooling of SMT placement machines by combining the Bill of Materials (BOM) and ECAD files from different sources and formats. It validates, fixes the data, and automatically creates all the necessary inputs required by the SMT machine.
QPlan also includes the “locator” - a graphical representation of the placement plan (PCB and its components) that allows the operator to view and modify component placements, panels and board.

Focus on Tests


QPlan corrects:

  • Angles (Rotation) 
    This is ​based on position of polarity (first pin) from CAD file and default position of mark polarity from SMT machine component library.

  • X,Y position of component center
    It solves a problem of deviations automatically such as First Pin as Center of Component (a classic problem).


QPlan examines:

  • Pin size vs. Pad size based on IPC-7351 standard

  • Pin on Pad symmetric positions (Pitches)

    • Important to prevent pin in the air

  • Keep Out between Components

    • Important to keep distance for rework

  • Components, Pads and Fiducials on PCB margins

  • Overlapping space between components:

    • Component over Component

    • Shared PAD position between components

    • Distance between PADs of closest components

    • and more ...

  • Correlation of shape names between CAD and BOM



  • Importing CAD files in any standard format (IPC, Mentor Neutral, Mentor Expedition,
    Mentor Pads, Cadence Allegro, ODB++ and more) - Read more F.A.Q.

  • Previewing of CAD file

  • Importing BOM files in any format (TXT, XLS, DOC etc)

  • Merging CAD and BOM data while verifying data integrity

  • Identification of components from BOM that are missing from CAD data

  • Matching components to SMT machine’s shape library

  • Simulation of SMT Process

  • Generating result as report, chart and dynamic view of PCB with test result.

  • Automatic generation of SMT machine setup files (ASM/Siemens SIPlace and SIPlace Pro, MyData, Yamaha/IPulse/Assembleon, Samsung, Juke etc).

  • “Locator” – A graphical display of the placement plan based on SMT machine shape library

  • Locator allows for component search by catalogue number, shape and designation.

  • Ability to change placement angle

  • Ability to perform Offline tooling 

  • Seamless file upload – upload files to the SMT machine without halting machine work (for models that have line computers).

  • Support for hybrid SMT lines – One tooling for all machine types

  • Cluster support – Generation of placement data for clustered PCBs. QPlan performs all offset calculations for the series of nested PCBs automatically based on single PCB data.

  • Includes all features of QPlace and QPlace Pro tools (Figure 4)

  • Alternative working - importing Gerbers combined with Insertion (XY) files (on case of no CAD file)

Figure 1. Test Result as Chart

Figure 2. Test Result as PCB Dynamic View

Figure 3. Test Result as Report


Figure 4. Features included


  • Simple CAD Importing

  • Auto correction of Angle and Component Center

  • Working with SMT Machine Component Library

  • Offline SMT Setup programming and generation

  • Built as Wizard (Step by Step)

Business benefits

  • Efficient use of SMT machine time

  • More SMT setups preparation on same time

  • First Article - First Time

  • Lower production costs

  • Higher productivity

  • Instant ROI

Same tool - Different purposes:
Related software tools:

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Purchase Plans:




Based on evaluation by customer reporting


Once for 1 license.
Service and support fees for 1 license starting from the second year only. First year service and support is included.

2 weeks upto 6 months.

ROI is affected by the production mix, PCB complexity and quantity of lines.

Usage fee

Prepay for Quarterly / Semi-annual / Annual for 1 license.
Payment includes service and support fees.


ROI is based on time savings of machine / line / process, programmer time and material savings. Our customers reported that already on the first day of use the investment was back, and in the days that followed they only profited from it.



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