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QPlace & QPlace Pro

Simple SMT Tooling


Reduce Tooling time from hours to 15 minutes

Do your SMT line operators spend hours manually editing insertion and BOM files from many sources and formats?
Do you experience expensive placement errors due to manual preparation of placement files?

QPlace (and QPlace Pro) will slash a tooling time from hours to 15 minutes.

QPlace and QPlace Pro

QPlace (and QPlace Pro) provides a simple and easy to use solution for the tooling process. Customers using QPlace report that tooling time is reduced from hours to less than 30 minutes and even less, depending on PCB complexity. Tooling errors are reduced by 70%-80%.

QPlace enables quick tooling of SMT placement machines by integrating the Bill of Materials (BOM) and Insertion (XY) files from different sources and formats; QPlace validates the data and automatically creates all the necessary inputs required for the SMT machine.

QPlace also includes the “locator” - a graphical representation of the placement plan (PCB and its components) that allows the operator to view and modify component placements.

QPlace Pro is designed for use with ASM/Siemens SIPlace Pro only, and QPlace is designed for use with other types of machines (such as ASM/Siemens SIPlace, Yamaha IPulse, Samsung, MyData, Philips/Assembleon etc).


  • Process Insertion files (XY) in any format

  • Process BOM files in any format (TXT, XLS, DOC etc)

  • Merging XY and BOM data while verifying data integrity

  • Identification of BOM components missing from Insertion data

  • Matching components to SMT machine’s shape library

  • Automatic generation of SMT machine setup files (ASM/Siemens SIPlace and SIPlace Pro, Yamaha IPulse, MyData, Samsung etc).

  • “Locator” – A graphical display of the placement plan based on SMT machine shape library

  • Locator allows for component search by catalogue number, shape and designation.

  • Ability to change placement angle

  • Ability to perform Offline tooling

  • Seamless file upload – upload files to the SMT machine without pausing operation of the machine (for models that have line computers).

  • Support for hybrid SMT lines – One tooling for all machine types

  • Cluster support – Generation of placement data for clustered PCBs. Qplace performs all offset calculations for the series of nested PCBs automatically based on single PCB data.

Figure 1. Locator - Graphical display of placement plan

Figure 2. Merged Insertion and BOM data


  • Simple XY and BOM Importing and Merging

  • Checking for missing Components in SMT Machine Component Library

  • Offline SMT Setup programming and generation

  • Structured as a step by step Wizard

Business benefits

  • More SMT setups preparations in less time

  • Lower production costs

  • Higher productivity

Same tool - Different purposes:
Same tool - Different purpose (QPlace)
Related software tools:


QPlan helps to locate and to eliminate errors in SMT setup by performing quick tests.
QPlan automatically detects and fixes XY and Angle deviations.
QPlan generates charts, reports and a dynamic view of PCB with test result.
QPlan exports the new SMT setup directly to SMT Server.

QPlace UPD

QPlace-UPD provides a simple and easy to use solution for updating the placement files in the Line computers following ECOs. It does so by combining the new Bill of Materials with the existing placement files that already exist on the line computer. QPlace UPD validates the data and automatically creates all the necessary inputs required by the SMT machine.


QPlace UPD enables:
- Application of several variation of BOMs for same PCB

- Ensuring the use of the right program version for the SMT machine

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