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Diesel Fuel Tank Monitoring

Can you identify performance issues on SMT lines in real-time?
Are you aware of how much time you spend during the placement process?

Can you immediately identidy if the changes affected on line performance?


See the status at a glance

Improve the placement process performance at real-time


Dashboard is an easy-to-use system that allows you to improve performance and reduce time waste of SMT process by collecting and analyzing information in real time.
Also, Dashboard allows you to study performance issues and time waste, and improve your production planning.


  • Easy-to-use

  • Real-time monitoring of SMT lines

  • Immediate response to process changes 

  • Essential information for your production planning

  • Built-in reports and report generator

Business benefits

  • Efficient use of SMT machine time

  • Lower production costs

  • Higher productivity

  • Shorter production cycles

Purchase Plans:




Based on evaluation by customer reporting


Once for 1 license.
Service and support fees for 1 license starting from the second year only. First year service and support is included.

2 weeks upto 6 months.

ROI is affected by the production mix, PCB complexity and quantity of lines.

Usage fee

Prepay for Quarterly / Semi-annual / Annual for 1 license.
Payment includes service and support fees.


ROI is based on online problem detection and saving of SMT line time and post-SMT production time. Our customers reported that already on the first day of use the investment was back, and in the days that followed they only profited from it.

Dashboard - Purchase Plans
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