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SMT Soldering Process Explorer Tool based on XRAY data

Improve the process by XRAY information analysis

Do you have XRAY model HP/Agilent 5DX?
Are you aware that the analysis of soldering quality from XRAY data (despite limits) can improve product quality?
Can you easily perform SPC calculations on XRAY data?

SMT SPET (Soldering Process Explorer Tool) is an automatic SPC system (including calculations such as PPK, GR&R, Gaussian distribution of measurements etc.) designed specifically for XRAY data (type HP/Agilent 5DX). Our customers report that using the tool enables them to identify hidden problems in soldering (such as closed result/distribution to low or high limit, distributed soldering and more) even when the result is PASS and not only when it is a FAIL result. Prior to this, they would perform a manual collection and analysis process only in extreme cases.
Based on our conversation with customers, this solution provides a complete solution for problems:

  1. A periods of collection, normalization and analysis is too long that can reach hours and even days.

  2. Analysis process requires multiple tools such as DOS tools (for exporting information as text reports on each single test run result), Excel (for information gathering and normalization based on manually parsing of reports), statistical systems for calculations and more.

  3. Analysis is not dynamic and every new aspect (attribute) on the results requires a long process of recalculation.

  4. The are many different releases (older up to newer) of Agilent 5DX machines with different tools.

  5. It is difficult to analyze a trends to identify whether there is improvement and deterioration.

  6. There is no old information to compare. All logs are deleted within a few hours.


SMT SPET system includes:

  1. Online automatical collection, normalization and analysis multiple test results
    from multiple XRAY machines (older up to newer)

  2. Dynamic view (for different aspects, attributes, productions etc.) as a graphical
    representation of the distribution (Gaussian distribution) and as calculation of
    the soldering quality including PPK and GR&R

  3. Collecting process improvement reports that is performed according to detected
    issue, that can be printed later, used for ideas on similar issues, compared and more

  4. Dynamic trend view for PPK and GR&R for different aspects, attributes,
    productions etc.

  5. Concentration of all information on a single data server over the years

XRAY Machine

Online automatical collection, normalization and analysis










SMT SPET: Result


  • Easy-to-use

  • Automatic online collection, normalization and analysis

  • Available immediately

  • Dynamic SPC calculation: PPK, GR&R etc

  • Process improvement reports

  • Trends analysis

  • History

Business benefits

  • Better quality

  • Lower production costs

  • Higher productivity

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