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Electronical Method Sheet software for generating Method Sheets on organized production process

Set up an Orderly Production Process

Generating Method Sheets on organized production process are done manually by printing and marking or at best by third side software like Visio.
Proventus' eMethodSheet is a highly sophisticated method sheet tool that provides rich functionality based on up-to-date PLM/ERP data for generating Method Sheets easily.

Step by Step Production

Constant product line requires process with step by step style. To organize that process, you must generate Method Sheets for each step. Today, Method Sheets are done manually by third side software like Visio. Manually solution has 2 main problems: (1) Method Sheets aren’t up-to-date; (2) Maintenance.

Proventus eMethodSheet
Built using latest programming tools (Microsoft .Net C#), graphical techniques (OpenGL), and database engine (Microsoft SQL Server), eMethodSheet provides a rich set of functions for generating Method Sheets based on up-to-date PLM data:

  • Dynamic Display of PCB includes zoom, rotate and etc.

  • Showing component information by mouse over

  • Adding mechanical components over PCB

  • Setting operation and remarks for electrical and mechanical components

  • Managing many configurations on same catalog number and revision

  • Printing Method Sheets as hard copy

  • Comparing revisions with PLM

CAD Format Support
Proventus eMethodSheet supports most leading CAD formats including Mentor, Veribest, PADS, Cadence, PCAD, Fabmaster, GenCAD, ODB++, IPC and other as a built in feature.


BOM File Import
Proventus eMethodSheet supports synchronizing catalog numbers according to imported BOM files. This feature enables the user to update the displayed catalog numbers with the last BOM.


Our solution includes a viewing module for production lines:
- Paperless - you don't need to print
- Enables dynamic data viewing - clik and view instructions
- Each station in the process receives only its data
- Changes / revisions in editing methodsheet is displayed automatically

- Support for touch screen

Figure 1. Preparing methodsheets

Figure 2. Paperless


  • CAD and BOM import

  • Creating process splitted by function and station

  • Remarks

  • Print (Hardcopy or as PDF)

  • Paperless solution

Business benefits

  • Fast Structural Process Preparation

  • Reusing same information

  • Easy distribution of information

  • Higher Productivity 

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